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eAssessment provides the ideal solution for the assessment of learning outcomes for a number of students

Developed by eCom Scotland, eNet Assess assessment engine offers flexible and cost effective onine assessment.

eNetAssess - The Product

Our web-based platform enabled non-technical users to create and manage bespoke online tests simply and securely. This allows Assessors to study at times most convenient to them.

Whether the application is commercial, for staff training in specific skills, for continuing professional development or purely academic for schools or colleges, eAssessment with eNetAssess provides a flexible, consistent and secure method of assessing skills and knowledge.

Unlike many alternatives, in addition to one-off assessment of learning outcomes, eNetAssess also provides the idea solution for repeat, or refresher assessment, where knowledge and competence must be re-tested periodically.

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Benefits of eNetAssess

  • Flexibility in 'time and place'
  • Easy integration with eNetLearn
  • Marking time greatly reduced
  • Secure delivery
  • Reduction in paper processing

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